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In today’s world, artificial intelligence is being used everywhere. Even in the mobile phone, we are using today, artificial intelligence has been used completely so that good service can be given to people. But this was not the case before today.  Christopher Strachey started it by writing his first successful artificial intelligence program in the 20th (1951) century with the theoretical and fictional concept of “Can Machine Think” which purposed in 1950 by Alan Turning.

What is Artificial Intelligence
What is Artificial Intelligence

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence is such a type of computer technology, with the help of which any machine gives the ability to think independently, understand and develop its intelligence.”


How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most important technologies in this modern technology. The creation of artificial intelligence technology provided intelligence to all machine-like humans so that machines could be more convenient to work or even without the help of humans, machines could be made to work.

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of result behind which many types of programs are running. And those entire programs are also its foundation, today we will know about those programs very well.

1- Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the process there, a machine is taught here how to make decisions on the basis of its past experience or existing data, without the help of humans to reach the right answer or conclusion. In this way, a lot of time and money is saved due to taking decisions in less time. And if we look at this work from the point of view of big companies, then it proves to be very useful for them.

2- Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a kind of machine learning, which with the help of those data can improve the flaws of their old decisions and give better decisions. It works in the form of a neurons network present in the human brain, whose biggest use is used by big companies to make predictions. This prediction does not work like a computer looking at the future. Its main use is with the help of supercomputers, it is used to predict what kind of product demand may or will increase in the coming future. Many companies are this, for example, taking Asian Paint, which with the help of a supercomputer predicts which color of paint will be in demand in the future or will increase, which the company has also benefited a lot.

3- Neural Networks

The main process of a Neural Network is to analyze any data again and again and give results. These work in the form of neurons network in the human brain, as repeatedly keep pumping blood. In other ways we can understand it like- These are the Artificial Neurons in machine-like our biological neurons in the brains of every living thing. The result of the Neural Network is based on a series of data types.

4- Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is the way with the help of which the computer is able to communicate with us. There are many types of language data available, with the help of which Artificial Intelligence decides what user wants, or what they want to say. After that Artificial Intelligence is able to talk to us in our language in the form of text or video. Hello, Google and Siri are one of the best examples of this when you say something to this type of Artificial Intelligence then you will get a result of your query in text and audio form. They entertain you as your friends do.

5- Computer Vision

 Computer Vision works on that algorithm of data, in which an image is analyzed with the help of data in many parts and the result is given and taken to the user. Whenever you go to any website on the internet, many times the option of captchas fill comes while login in and signup, and there is the option of face detection in doing KYC on many financial websites and apps.

6- Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing is designed in such a way that it gives results by analyzing text, images, speech, and objects. It tries to imitate the human mind but every time it is not right, sometimes it gives wrong results. But now slowly this deficiency is being removed so that accurate results can be obtained. Whenever you search for something on the internet then sometimes you get an image as a result, this is a good example of Cognitive Computing.

7- We

We are one of the most important parts of making Artificial Intelligence better. We are not the technical part of it but we are in the biggest network of information. With the help of our information and time every company making their platform better with the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Whenever we are using social media or the internet, almost every time we get to see the same content (result). In this, it is seen that on what kind of content we are spending more time, then on the basis of that, with the help of artificial intelligence the same type of content is shown again and again in front of us.


Technology keeps on improving over time and the shortcomings of Artificial Intelligence will also be rectified and it will be made better than before that’s why these all are some points behind working of Artificial Intelligence right now.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, many types of businesses have gained momentum and there are many businesses and sectors that are incomplete without Artificial Intelligence. These are some examples that are affected by the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

  • E-Commerce 

With the A.I. technology, many platforms have grown as fast as they can. Like Amazon and Flipkart, it will provide you products with your need from all over the world. The uses A.I. are working on behind every platform which we don’t see. Many times you have to recommend a product on behalf of those E-Commerce websites because of which many times people buy that product.

  • Weather Report 

Almost every time Weather Report is based on a prediction of Artificial technology. And almost every time this prediction is correct. With the help of which farmers get benefits a lot and many times disasters are foreseen before they happen.

  • Search Engine 

Every Search Engine has its own Artificial Intelligence technology with the help of it they provide results to the people according to the convenience of their every single search. Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world.

  • Text to Speech 

There are many platforms where you can convert your text file into a speech in a robotic voice. There is not a high difference between a human and a robotic voice. When you hear it for the first time, you will not know whether it is a robotic voice or a real human voice.

Today there will hardly be any such field in which Artificial Intelligence technology is not used.

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